Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Far So Good

I had an uneventful standard OB appointment this morning.  They weighed me and listened to the babies' heartbeats.  Everything looks like it's on track.  I've gained more weight in the past month than I had the month before, so I don't want to keep this same weight gain rate.  The doctor said she thought I had probably gained more lately because I didn't gain very much at the beginning.  I think I'm probably somewhere near 15 lbs now.

The babies' heartbeats were right around 140 and 150 bpm.  She would listen to one of them on the left side of my belly button and then listen to the other on the right side of my belly button (to be sure that she was actually listening to two different heartbeats and not the same heart twice).  It took her about 5 seconds to find the second heartbeat, which made me get a little worried for a couple seconds.  But then it came in loud and clear.  The doctor said she thought that baby had hiccups, because you could hear these little noises.  Then there was one loud noise that she said was probably a kick.  It was pretty entertaining.  (Now, how you tell the difference between a "hiccup" noise and a "kick" noise with that little machine?  I have no idea.)

Anyway, everything looks good.  We'll be at 17 weeks tomorrow.  And on Friday, we get the big news on what kind of babies we're having.  I got my first "hunch" last night that at least one of them is a girl.  I don't give much credibility to hunches, though, since these hunches are based on absolutely no actual information (except that I keep thinking of one of them as "she").

And on an economical note, we already sold one of the three cribs I bought.  So now we have an equal ratio of babies to cribs.  I'll try to keep it that way unless I come across yet another unbelievable deal. 

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  1. 5 seconds, hah. At one point, one of the nurses could never find Adria's heartbeat, and had to go get someone else to try. I guess we weren't that worried, because at that point Amanda could feel the baby moving...but it sounds like you have a skilled OB.