Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Belly Pics & New Good Deals

I realized it's been quite a few weeks since we took any good belly pictures.  We took some this afternoon.  These aren't exactly glamor shots, but you can see the twins getting bigger and bigger each week.  I think I'm starting to feel them move, but it's hard to distinguish their little movements from other gastrointestinal gurgles.  =)

18.5 Weeks

Today, I put a coat of primer on an old bed stand than I'm hoping to use as a side table to sit beside the glider in the nursery.  I think it was my mother's when she was a little girl.  (Is that right, Mom?)  Then I used it as a little girl, took it to college with me, took it to California with me and now brought it to NC with me.  It will give us a place to put a little lamp and a drink while we're rocking the babies or feeding them.  I'll post pictures of the finished project later.  Here's what it looked like in its former state (I'm painting it white):

And on to good deals.  A couple of weeks ago, I bought two bouncers from another mom of twins.  They look practically brand new, and they were $20 each (retailing $50 brand new):

Yesterday, we bought two Chicco carseats from another twin mom.  (I know, buying used car seats is not always the safest idea, but I think these will be perfect and they've never been in an accident.)  We got both car seats and a double Snap N Go stroller for $200.  These seats are $180 EACH brand new and the double Snap N Go is $100 (so we saved $240 versus buying these brand new).  Chicco seats are supposed to be the safest, but they are so expensive.  These seats looks like they have never been used.  I think a lot of twin moms don't get out very often.  =)  Jason took some quick shots for the blog:

I think at this point, we've bought most of the bigger stuff that we're going to be buying online, so now it's on to the fun things like the little baby clothes and the more practical everyday items.

I'm taking the babies to San Diego this week for work.  I'm not looking forward to being away from Jason for 5 days, but I'm glad that my morning sickness has mostly gone away so that I can be myself at these meetings.


  1. Oh my goodness! You must be feeding those babies Wheaties! Now you actually look like a mom to be. (Don't forget, they have special parking for moms to be at Chic-Fil-a!)

    You're absolutely right about the little night stand. This will be the fourth generation for it. My Mother and Dad, then me, then you, and now the twins! It makes me happy to see it used again. It'll look really pretty in the nursery.

  2. Rainforest Bouncers, sweet! If there was one piece of baby hardware that we couldn't live without, that was it. Shoot, we could have done without the crib for a long time...she slept in her bouncer many nights, especially when sick (draining).

    If your babies use the bouncer in vibrate mode half as much as Adria did, you are going to want to spring for rechargable batteries for them (the good ones, not the plastic molds that go around AA batteries). Again, we left that thing on all night or during her naps many times, with no remorse on the rechargables. :)

    For many months, we just took that arch off of the scared her sometimes, it made it hard to get her in and out, and we'd often get a rocking resonance going on the bouncer with our foot, and the toys would swing violently. There are electrical terminals in one of the holes, so my 30-second fix was to wrap that side in masking tape. She did end up enjoying the toys on the arch, and we put it back eventually.

  3. I need to put you on the search for a triple stroller for me! You find the best deals! I'm so impressed.
    You and the babies have a good week in CA!