Thursday, April 8, 2010

22 Weeks

Well, we hit 22 weeks yesterday.  We're getting up there but it still seems like we have such a long way to go!

Our babies are about 8 inches long and should weigh about a pound.  They are developing their senses of touch & taste.  They are developing a good grip now, and one of the books says that they might hold onto their umbilical cords because there is nothing else to grab onto in there.  They can also hear sounds, though the sounds are muffled from the amniotic fluid. The babies have eyebrows, eyelashes and some hair, though their hair is bright white, because they don't have any pigment yet.

They are moving around like crazy now.  It's so neat to feel them move.  Jason felt one of them kick a couple nights ago for the first time.  I can see my stomach move when the babies move around in there.

I seem to be sleeping a lot better lately.  That might be because I'm still in the wrong time zone from traveling to the West Coast, but I'll take it!

We're still not settled on names, so I just call them "little girl" and "little guy" or "little man."  So far, they're ok with that.  My work colleagues named them Desi and Lucy... maybe we should just stick with that (JUST kidding).  =)

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