Tuesday, April 6, 2010

California Visit

I'm back from California and have so much blogging to catch up on - wonderful visits with friends, the best baby shower ever and seeing my family.  I'll probably post updates individually.  Here's the first one...

On Wednesday of last week, I went to some dear friends' house to visit them and their beautiful 10-month-old daughter at their gorgeous home in San Diego.  Their baby girl is SUCH a cutie!  She has just recently started to crawl, and, man, can she move!  I kept trying to imagine me and Jason (or just me when Jason is at work) chasing around two 10-month-olds.

I had fun reading to her while she was devouring her Cheerios, cheese and bananas.  Now just imagine that there are two high chairs and two babies... it's going to be fun!

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