Saturday, April 3, 2010

Over the "river" and through the "woods" ...

(Jason signing in here)

With Leslie in LA visiting family and friends, I found myself with a wide-open Easter weekend.  So far, the weather has been spectacular!  Spring in North Carolina is my favorite time of year (followed closely by Autumn).  The weather is starting to turn warm, the trees and flowers are returning to color, and for a brief moment in time we have neither a heating nor a cooling bill to pay.  I've been sleeping with the windows open ... and I'm loving it.

With the babies on the way, Leslie and I wanted a better way to document their childhood than our current point-n-shoot camera.  It's convenient and it's small, but it doesn't take great pictures.  After a little research, I settled on a new Canon T2i.  And since Leslie and the babies are out of town, my first test photos were of our current babies ... the cats.

Chloe with her classic "empty stare" pose

 Noah doing what Noah does best (besides eat)

Of course I miss Leslie like crazy and nothing is the same without her, but I did get out and enjoy a stroll through our neighborhood today.  There are miles of "greenway" paths all throughout town.  Here are a few pics from the walk.

The "river" (more of a creek)

The path through the "woods"

I'll have to come back and check on the future parents.  Can't wait to see their little ones.

I love the colors


  1. Love your pics Jason... You're making me rethink my Nikon D90 dream :)

  2. Great update while Leslie is away....but no belly shot of the father to be;)

  3. "nothing is the same without her"...
    Part of what makes me love you guys as a couple!
    I just can't wait to see you guys in the parenting role!