Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Family

Earlier this week, I noticed something furry and large (at least larger than a squirrel) scurrying around under our back deck.  I couldn't get a good view of it, though - just a flash of fur in between the boards.  It looked gray and I guessed that it was slightly larger than a cat.  Hmph.

Last night, Jason went out to check on the sprinkler timer settings.  He took a flashlight outside, and said that he saw a family of something out in the woods - little eyes lit up and they started running in all directions.  He wasn't sure whether they were raccoons or possums or something else.  He said that they looked too tall for raccoons or possums.  I was really hoping that we didn't have skunks.  Ew.

This evening, I walked on the back porch to bring in the diapers that were drying on the line, and the family of "whatevers" ran under the deck really quickly.  It's interesting that they will actually run toward me to get under the deck.  Well, one of them got caught a little farther out and was too scared to run toward me.  Any guesses on what they were?

I will leave you in suspense no longer.

SERIOUSLY?  How did they know we live here.  I guess there are something like 8 foxes living here now.  This must be the coolest thing ever.


  1. that is amazing leslie! they are so beautiful :)

  2. I forget which foxes do this, but some scream at night and it sounds like a person! It's pretty freaky!