Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy 11 Months!

Today, Miles and Vivienne are 11 months old.  I can't believe this is the last monthly "birthday" before the Big One.  They are growing up so quickly, and I love watching every minute of it.

Miles is crawling like crazy now.  He's all over the place.  He moves from room to room, exploring the new spaces that were previously out of reach.  Today, his little knees, legs and feet were getting red from crawling across the rug.  He pulled up to a standing position today by the stairs.  Jason was there to see it, but I missed it.  Vivienne is getting more and more frustrated that she cannot crawl.  I think it pains her to see her brother moving about while she's still stuck in one place.  Something tells me that she's going to figure this out sooner than later!

She was so exhausted this morning after breakfast.  I thought this picture was funny.

Miles is full of life, loves to chatter at every passer-by and gives huge smiles to every person we see.  Vivienne is a bit more reserved around strangers, but she's my sweet cuddle bug at heart - loves to sit in Mommy's lap while she plays with her toys.

Both babies love spending time in the pool.  We go a few times a week lately and they seem to thoroughly enjoy it.  Miles even tries to put his head underwater, but we don't think he's quite ready for that.  Vivienne enjoys kicking her little feet in her float.

Happy birthday, sweet babies.  I can't believe we'll be celebrating your first birthday soon!  I love you to pieces.

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