Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lowering the Cribs

Well, today we finally did it.  We lowered the babies' cribs down.  They are just beginning to pull up on things, and we want to get the mattresses lowered before they pull up on the sides of the cribs.  I realize that our babies are pulling up and crawling much later than most babies, but we keep telling ourselves that it is because they are gifted.  They are probably too busy solving differential equations in their little heads. 


  1. We only lowered ours a few weeks ago, don't worry. But we did it just in time, as the same day they were pulling up in there!

  2. And here I am getting ready to raise the crib soon for baby #2.

  3. I think this is a HUGE blessing, equations or not! ;) We have lowered our crib as low as it can go and are now having to consider buying a canopy net to go over the top to protect our active guy from getting out. It's honestly really scary & now that he's standing and leaning over the edge we are getting WAY less sleep than before. Very frustrating! Your babies are developing perfectly. Maybe they are just extra considerate people who know how hard it will be when they are both moving in separate directions at once & they are just being kind to mommy!