Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Time in a Real Pool

On Sunday, Miles and Vivienne got in a real pool for the first time.  We started with them in the baby pool and quickly graduated up to the big pool after a few minutes.  They really loved splashing around, but the water was a little cold for them.  After a while, Miles started shivering, so we pulled the babies out and bundled them up in towels.  It was really special for Jason to share this experience with them.

My Water Babies

"Help me swim, Daddy!"

"Aunt Michelle, I think I'm ready to swim on my own now.  But don't let me go just yet."

Vivienne looks peachy in her little bathing suit.

Gabe, Amber and Drew

Gabe and Amber

"Thanks for putting me in this towel, Daddy.  That water is COLD!"

Miles snuggles with Gabe.

Amber soaks up some rays.

Everybody needs a post-swim snack.  =)

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  1. Don't you just love babies in the pool? Super cute.