Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Poop Incident

Today, being a Wednesday, is my normal day to get together with Kristi and her three (soon to be four!!) awesome kids.  The babies were sleeping and I had everything ready to go - the stroller, diaper bag, water bottle, sun hats and lunch bag in the car.  I was excited that we would finally be on time for once!

Miles woke up from his nap, and I carried him downstairs to change his diaper.  When I was pulling off his pajama pants, a piece of poop fell out on the floor.  What the heck?!?  Seriously, he had pooped out of both legs of his cloth diaper.  When I opened his diaper, I can only describe what I saw as the world's largest baby poop.  Of course, Miles was just giggling and babbling his head off.  Yeah, buddy, I'm sure you feel like a million bucks after getting that out of your system.  You're probably 2 pounds lighter after that bowel movement.

Miles is at the age where he puts his hands all down in his diaper nether regions to explore while I'm changing him, so he started sticking his hands in the poop.  Now, I've got a baby with poop on his hands that he's smearing on his stomach and the changing table.  Meanwhile, he's just giggling up a storm. 

I eventually outran Miles' poopy hands with a wipe.  Then I cleaned up his bum and got him in a fresh diaper.  Seriously, if we weren't planning on hanging out with Kristi and her kids, I would have just given this child a bath.  He needed it.

I set him down in the family room to play while I sprayed off his diaper upstairs.  Then I came back down and disinfected the crime scene that was my changing table. 

Now, on to number two (no pun intended)...

I woke Vivienne up, and, of course (sigh), she had a poopy diaper.  I changed her diaper with much less excitement.  When I went upstairs to spray it off, OF COURSE I ended up spraying too strongly and splashed some water (and a few small bits of poo) on the wall.  Perfect.  Further disinfection ensued.

Needless to say, I was late to meet up with Kristi and her kids.  But they were gracious as always and we had a great afternoon and picnic at the park.

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