Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Progress with Spitting Up

I remember reading that they said that spitting up peaks around 4 months and then tapers off.  Well, apparently Miles missed that memo, because he was a really strong spitter upper up until about a month ago.  He would spit up after every single feeding (often spitting up more than once, sometimes as often as every 5 minutes) and it was a lot of spit up.  In the beginning, I worried that he wasn't getting enough milk because he seemed to be spitting it all back up.  I wondered whether there would ever come a time when I wouldn't be chasing him around with a burp cloth.  (We have huge stacks of burp cloths - I'm talking 10-20 burp cloths - in 2 spots in our family room and another stack upstairs by the bed.)  I imagined him crawling and leaving a trail of spit up behind him.  Luckily, over the past month, he is finally spitting up less and less.  These days, he usually only spits up maybe once or twice a day and it's not a large quantity - only a little dribble down his chin.  I'm so glad that we're moving past the spit up stage!

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