Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Long Road Home

Well, the road home was long, but it was made much more tolerable by another stop at Miles and Vivienne's Great Aunt and Great Uncle's house.  On Monday, we drove the 4.5 hours back to West Virginia.  This time, we took another route (finding an ACTUAL Chick-fil-a - NOT in a mall food court), and driving along the Ohio River.  The babies were getting a bit fussy again, so we stopped in a little town in Ohio called Gallipolis.  It was settled in 1790 and is the hometown of Bob Evans (of the Bob Evans restaurants).

Jason and the babies in front of the Ohio River in Gallipolis

Miles and Vivienne enjoyed playing in the grass and stretching their legs.

The babies look so small in the main square of Gallipolis.

We arrived at Barbara and Alan's in the early afternoon.  After dining on some wonderful pizza, gelato and homemade custard (yum!!!) we hit the sack.  The next morning, we ate way too much bacon (again!) and took some pictures before hitting the road.

Miles, Vivienne, Great Aunt Barbara and Great Uncle Alan

"You sure are great, Aunt Barbara!"

On the way home, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch.  It was a longer stop than our usual fast food, but I think the babies enjoyed having a break from their car seats.

"I like Cracker Barrel, Mommy!"
Then we finally saw this...

Ahhhh... we had a great trip, but it was so nice to be home again and have the babies sleeping in their cribs and us sleeping in our bed.

A huge thanks to Stephanie for feeding the kitties for us while we were out of town!

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  1. There is no place like home, is there? I know we always do the happy dance (more like wiggle) when we pass that sign on 77!