Monday, June 6, 2011

Fussy Babies

Well, there is a lot of fussiness around here.  Vivienne's tongue is not really looking any better, and she is still in a lot of pain.  It clearly hurts her to nurse, eat and drink.  We started giving her Tylenol yesterday - the first official medicine that we have ever given our babies.  I'm hoping that the Tylenol will help ease the pain a little bit.  We're also giving her dye-free Benadryl, because the doctor said it would ease the pain a little.  I can't really tell that any of this is making any difference.  The doctor recommended that we not use Orajel.

Miles was pretty fussy yesterday, too.  I think it is because his naps were messed up because of church, but I'm not certain.  He also has a tooth coming through, so maybe that is bothering him a little bit.  It was convenient that the extreme dual fussiness happened over the weekend while Jason was here to help, but now it's Monday and I'm flying solo again. 

I'm hoping that Vivienne's tongue starts to heal soon.  We decided that if it doesn't look much better by tomorrow, I'm going to see about getting a second opinion.  Jason was wondering whether she might be re-injuring it with her teeth somehow.  I have no idea.  My poor, fussy baby.

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