Monday, March 28, 2011

The Babies Feed Themselves

It's been about a month since the original "puff vomit" incident, so we decided to give them another try.  At lunch yesterday with our friends, we gave a few puffs to Vivienne and to Miles.  Vivienne picked them each up individually and put them in her mouth to eat.  Miles pushed all of his onto the floor.  =)

Today, I gave them some Mum Mums to try while I made dinner (chicken and vegetable kabobs).  They both really enjoyed eating them.  I think it was easier for Miles to pick up, because it's more like a large cracker (in comparison to the tiny puffs).

Here's to hoping that there is no late night puking around here...

1 comment:

  1. Claire has definitely liked the mum mums and has an easier time eating them. Puffs still stick to her hands and don't make it to her mouth.

    Good to know you tried reconstituting the prunes with success. I've copped out on that one and bought jarred prunes, but I personally LOVE them (and love them stewed as well, I know, what a wierdo) so I'll just buy another bag and go from there.