Saturday, March 26, 2011

Running Mommy

Yesterday was a great day for a run.  I took the babies on a 4-mile run, with my pace right around 9:50.  That's slower than my non-stroller pace, but I was thrilled with that.  During my run, I couldn't help but notice how Spring has sprung in North Carolina.  The Bradford pear trees have already dropped their blooms, but the red buds and dogwoods are in bloom.  The forest is covered with tiny leaves that are just starting to open up.  Soon, the woods will lose their transparency and a new wall of foliage will frame the paths that I run on.  I love Spring and Fall in our beautiful state.

Today was a colder, overcast day, but Jason encouraged me to take another run despite my efforts to cop out and stay in the warmth of the house.  I had the best run that I've had in probably a year - 4 miles at an 8:48 pace.  I'm really happy with that!  (That was, of course, with no double stroller.)  Big thanks to my husband for watching the babies while I got my legs moving!

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