Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vitamin Drops with Iron

We've been trying to give Miles and Vivienne vitamin drops with iron in them - specifically Tri-Vi-Sol with Iron.  Unfortunately, this stuff tastes awful.  Both babies would gladly take their old multi-vitamin drops, but when I bought the Tri-Vi-Sol with Iron, they understandably went on a vitamin strike.

To date, I've been making all of their baby food from scratch.  It's really very easy, and I like knowing what is going into my little ones.  We tried stirring the iron drops into sweet potatoes.  It smelled completely nasty, but I refused to actually try it until my mother was here and urged me to actually sample what I was trying to force down my poor babies.  Well, I tried it and it was disgusting.

So, today, we finally gave them commercial rice cereal (iron-fortified) for the first time.  They ate it up!  So, I think they'll be eating iron-fortified commercial cereal on a fairly regular basis.

We also gave Vivienne and Miles commercial peas for the first time.  We were eating with dear friends at Neomonde, and wanted the babies to eat with us.  They loved it!  We'll use commercial food when we're out and about, and we'll use homemade food for all of our home meals (and most of our meals are at home).

(Huge thanks to Angela for giving this to me the rice cereal and peas a couple months ago!)


  1. So jealous that my hubby and kids got to go to Neomonde with you...
    And yeah, iron supplements are pretty yucky no matter how you slice it ~ glad they like the cereal!

  2. Watch out with the rice cereal, it made Adria super constipated. We switched to oatmeal and that helped.

  3. We use the rice cereal and the multi-grain cereal (earth's best), since they had the iron in them already. Yep, the rice cereal seems a little worse on the constipation, but the multi-grain version has a small amount of fiber and Claire likes them equally well.

  4. I was thinking, you could just mix a little bit of formula in with their food to get them some vitamins too. When Adria turned one and started drinking cow's milk we added Target's infant multivitamin to her last bottle of the day and she never complained, maybe the target brand tastes better...

  5. we use earth's best organic jarred baby food when we are out. it's cheap at walmart.