Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Solar Power

Yesterday, I put a clothesline up on our porch, mainly for drying the cloth diapers.  We're now using solar power!  (Too bad my clothesline isn't tax deductible, like solar panels.)  Every bit counts, right?  =)

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  1. Hey, those diapers take *forever* to dry in the machine. Every time you hang them on that line, you are probably saving at least 90 minutes on your machine. And if you do it twice a week for 2 years....that's not trivial at all!

    I have noticed that the diapers get a little crusty when we line dry them. Keeping with the eco-friendly theme, I like to toss the already-dry diapers into a not-quite-full dryer load of other clothes. This softens them up nicely without requiring any extra dryer time (to zeroth order, I've thought longer than I care to admit about whether it adds time to the cycle in the first or second order...)