Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tobacco Road Marathon

Today, Jason ran the Tobacco Road Marathon.  His main goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon, which required him to run faster than 3:10.  His stretch goal was to run the marathon in under 3 hours.  He blew away his main goal and just barely missed his stretch goal with a chip time of 3:00:21.  We are so proud of his accomplishment, though I think he keeps wondering if he could have somehow skimmed 21 more seconds off his marathon.

Jason got up this morning at 5 AM and rode with some friends to the marathon.  I got up with the babies at 7 AM and we left around 9 o'clock to get to the marathon in plenty of time to see Daddy finish.  While waiting for Jason to appear, I started chatting with a woman who was waiting on her husband to finish as well.  (She's adopting a baby from Ethiopia, so we had a very interesting conversation.)  Luckily, she offered to take a photo of me holding both babies and cheering Jason on.

I'm holding Miles and Vivienne, watching Jason cross the finish line.
After the race, we walked around with Jason (very, very slowly) so that he could cool down a bit.  He ate some pizza and we scarfed down quite a few pieces of free Great Harvest cinnamon chip bread (the best stuff in the world). 

Family photo after the race

Daddy and Vivienne

He'll always be her hero.  =)
After we got home, we took a marathon nap and had the standard post-race meal at Wendy's.  Jason loves to eat Wendy's, but only after an Ironman or marathon.  Luckily, I get to celebrate in the post-race festivities and partake of some Wendy's myself.

Me and Miles at Wendy's
Then we laid out in the yard on a blanket for a while to enjoy the balmy day.   This evening, the babies were in the big bathtub together for the first time.  After that, I spent an hour or so changing out all the door knobs upstairs to satin nickel knobs (replacing the cheap builder knobs that were all scratched up).  Now, I'm enjoying a glass of shiraz while Miles and Vivienne sleep soundly in their cribs.  It was a wonderful weekend, but it went by so quickly.  They always do.

Congratulations to Jason on an amazing marathon today!  I love you so much, and I couldn't imagine a better daddy for Miles and Vivienne.  We are all so proud of you!


  1. What a beautiful day, Leslie :)

  2. Congrats Jason. Great to set a target and hit it. Wish we could have been there. You have inspired me for my interview today. Glad you made it to the race with Miles and Vivienne, Leslie. Love you guys.

  3. That last 21 seconds will give you something to aspire to. Can't knock all of your goals down at once...

  4. Great run Jason! That is so impressive. I love the family pictures - babies make everything seem sweeter, don't they? I'm glad you could enjoy the nap and Wendy's along with the marathoner - hey, someone's gotta be the athletic supporter :)

  5. Wow, I can't imagine having the energy to run a marathon AND keep up with such adorable twins. Well done! And congratulations on qualifying for Boston.