Thursday, March 24, 2011

Differences Between Boys & Girls

I suppose this is probably the first of many blog posts about how different my little boy and my little girl are.  As their personalities are starting to shine, the differences between the sexes are already becoming evident.

Vivienne has become quite the little communicator.  She claps her hands when she's happy (oh.  my.  gosh.  It's so cute!!).  Over the past couple of weeks, she has become much more vocal.  She says,"Da da da da da da," over and over.  She also says other consonants, but "da" is definitely her favorite.  I think "Dadda" is going to be her first word (though I don't think she quite knows who "Dadda" is yet).  Miles also likes to chatter, but Vivienne is definitely our Chatty Kathy.

When Viv plays, she will pick up a toy, inspect it, put it in her mouth and then set it down and pick up another toy.  Miles will pick up a toy, shove it in his mouth, and then bang another toy with it over and over and over.  This boy really needs a hammer!  He is definitely good at improvising by turning each and every toy into a hammer at different points in the day.

When we're out walking, Miles loves to look around at nature.  He likes to see the trees and the birds and feel the wind.  Vivienne also enjoys this, but she would just as soon recline in her seat and chew on her Sophie giraffe.  I'm not sure that this is really a male trait versus a female trait per se, but it's an interesting difference between the two of them.

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  1. My favorite thing about teaching was watching the different ways boys and girls play...I can't wait to hear more stories! I also can't wait to see them in action!