Saturday, March 5, 2011

Puffs = Puke

Apparently, around here, puffs = puke.

Yesterday, we went to SAS to have lunch with Jason.  I decided to take some puffs to feed the babies.  Now, of course, our babies have never had rice cereal or wheat or anything like that (ALL of which are in puffs!!), but apparently I figured it was a great idea to just go ahead and feed puffs to them.  So at lunch, I fed Miles about 10 of them and Vivienne had a handful as well.

That evening, Miles threw up all over my dad and then all over Jason.  And this was clearly not spit-up.  Vivienne also vomited a little bit, but nothing like Miles.  Poor little man, he cried his eyes out and was obviously not feeling well.  But, luckily, after he got it all out, he seemed good as new.

Note to self:  introduce new foods to the babies slowly, especially when they have lots of different ingredients.

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  1. We (ok I) jumped the gun on yogurt. It totally made Adria sick at 8 months and now it is her favorite food.