Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Stroller Walk

After we put the big kids to bed tonight, I took Evelyn for a walk while Daddy rode his bike trainer upstairs.  This was her first time in the stroller.  We're borrowing a single Snap-n-Go stroller from a very generous friend.  I have to say that it was immediately weird to be pushing a single stroller.  With Miles and Vivienne, I had a Double Snap-n-Go, which was literally twice the length of this stroller.  It just felt like I was pushing some sort of weird mini-stroller.  I keep looking for the second baby.

Here is the view that I'm used to:

And here is my new view:

You can also see how much bigger Evelyn is than Miles and Vivienne in the same model car seat.

Evie seemed to enjoy the walk just fine.  She got a little frustrated by the infant insert.  With it touching her cheek, she kept rooting in that direction.  Eventually she fell asleep, though.  It was nice to enjoy a little fresh air with my baby girl.  I'm sure there will be many, many more walks in our future.

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