Thursday, July 26, 2012


Yesterday was a really fun day.  After naps, Jason and I took all the kids out in the yard to get some fresh air.  Evelyn slept in her bouncy seat.  We played with our new bubble wands, ate popsicles (a fan favorite around here) and got out the sprinkler.  We played outside for a couple hours, and the kids were absolutely having a blast.  I was sitting in the grass with Evie nearby.  Jason decided to start squirting the kids with the hose, and they loved it.  This eventually resulted in a couple of very cute nude tushies running around in our yard.  They were running across the yard - just out of range of the hose.  Then they would get pumped up and run toward Jason.  He would squirt them again and they would run away.  It was priceless.

My parents arrived for the tail end of it, and we all just enjoyed being together as a family.  I got some really fun photos and video, but there is probably too much nudity to be appropriate for the internet.  Here is a little taste of our fun.

Good morning, Sunshine!

Appropriate Leaf Placement

Evie seems unphased by the public nudity.

Naked Gardening 

A portrait with Daddy

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