Sunday, July 29, 2012

First Time at Church and a Day with Daddy

Today was a fun day.  It started out a bit stressful - trying to pull everyone together in time to go to church.  Somehow we survived, though, and managed to get there before the service started.  It was fun  to take Evelyn to church for the first time.

My beautiful girls on a Sunday

Her first Sunday dress - Thanks, Auntie Stephanie!

Tuckered out after a wild morning at church

This afternoon, Daddy took Miles and Vivienne to a playground while Evie and I beat the heat here at home.  The kids had a blast!

They learned a bit about static electricity:

They hung out together:

They ate lots of cantaloupe and drank lots of water, but still got really, really sweaty:

Then he took them to Trader Joe's and let each of them get their own little cart (brave, brave man!!).  Apparently, they loved it and were really well behaved.  Jason said that Vivienne was so proud of herself as she was handing her almonds to the cashier to check them out.

After they got home, we all got back in the van to go to Rita's Italian Ice with Pam, Jason and Will.  It was fun to catch up with them.  The kids loved the ice.  Then we walked over to PetSmart so that the kids could check out the fish and birds.

It was a fun day with our not-so-little family of five.

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