Friday, July 27, 2012


We took all the kids out for the first time today to Marbles.  We wanted to do something special for Miles and Vivienne, and they love everything at Marbles.  So we packed all 3 kids into the van and headed out.  Of course, we left about 45 minutes later than we had planned, and we had to go back to the house to get my sling, but I guess I might as well accept that as our new normal now.

Marbles was an absolute ZOO!  It was seriously more crowded than I ever remember seeing it.  There were tons of track out camps there, and the kids were all going nuts.  Miles and Vivienne still seemed to have a good time, though.  Miles headed straight for the train table, as usual.  Vivienne played in the pretend play area and the water area for a while.

Captain Vivienne
Evelyn just slept in the sling the entire time.  It was a little toasty, but she seemed very content.  We eventually moved upstairs, hoping to find some areas that might not be as insanely crowded.  Of course, there was no escaping the chaos.  The kids played in the sports area for a while.  Miles worked on his jump shot and lay up.  Eventually Evie got hungry and started fussing.  In an attempt to get all the kids downstairs to a quieter area to nurse, we had all three of them crying at the same time.  I was carrying a crying Evie in the sling and a crying Vivienne on my hip.  Jason was trying to drag a crying Miles out by his arm and eventually picked him up to carry him downstairs.  Luckily, everyone recovered and we played for another 30 minutes or so while I nursed the baby.

After Marbles, we walked down to Roly Poly for lunch.  The big kids did great, and Evelyn just slept.  Overall, it was a successful morning and a fun way to treat Miles and Vivienne.  Needless to say, I will not be taking all three of my children to Marbles by myself any time soon.

In the afternoon, we had more outdoor fun, running around in the hoses and sprinkler and eating popsicles.  I so cherish this time with my family of five.  I'm so thankful that Jason gets so much time off of work to enjoy our first few weeks together as a family.

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  1. Sounds like an adventure! I was wondering if your kids ever melted down!! Now, carrying Vivienne AND Evie less than a week after delivery is probably not doctor-endorsed, ma'am.