Sunday, July 22, 2012

Home At Last

Our first night with Evelyn went very smoothly.  She was still very sleepy, so we actually got some decent rest that night.  She slept the first stint of the night in her bassinet, and then she spent the last part of the night sleeping on my chest and my lap with a lot of nursing.

The next morning, Jason and I decided that we would like to try to go home.  The entire staff at the hospital was wonderful, and we are so grateful for the care that we got there.  But we were eager to take our baby girl home and to get some privacy and uninterrupted rest.  Of course, this decision was made much easier in knowing that my parents would be able to keep Miles and Vivienne at their house overnight and help our family ease into the transition of being the Fox Five.

Our day nurse, Donna, was incredible.  She helped us get everything in order to be discharged, including all of Evelyn's tests, baby footprints, social security paperwork and more.  She was a workhorse and was so nurturing and helpful.  That morning was very busy, because we were visited by the pediatrician, the midwife, nutrition services, blood work for me, vitals for me and the baby, the social security/birth certificate people, photography and others.

Evelyn's facial bruising had already started to heal quite a bit, and she was looking much better.

Tired mommy, but really enjoying our baby girl

Mom and Dad brought Miles and Vivienne again that morning to visit us.  Vivienne enjoyed seeing her sister again, and Miles enjoyed running around the room and testing out the curtain again.   

"What?  Is there a baby in here or something?"
After the kids and my parents left, Jason and I both took showers and finished up everything to head home from the hospital.

Our sweet little berry, wearing the same hat that her brother and sister wore almost exactly 2 years ago.
Miles and Vivienne in their berry hats in July 2010

The first of many, many naps together 

Donna took Evelyn's footprints

Look at all that hair!
Jason noticed that Evelyn likes to "catch flies" like her sister did.  She sleeps with her mouth open.  Oh my goodness, she is the sweetest thing.

Catching Flies

Not enjoying her first outfit (that her cousin, Elizabeth, wore when she was newborn)
 Much like her older sister, Evie did not enjoy her introduction to the car seat.  She put up quite the fuss.

But by the time we got outside, she was peacefully sleeping in the fresh air.

It was a luxury for me to be able to sit in the back seat with her on the ride home.  With the twins, we had a back seat full of car seats, so no one could fit back there with them.  There are so many little things that make a singleton so much simpler than twins.  Evelyn slept all the way home.

We rolled into the driveway around 2:30 that afternoon.  We had been gone from the house almost exactly 36 hours.  It's amazing how much our lives had changed in that short time.

Miles and Vivienne were still at Grandma and Granddad's house taking a nap.  This gave Jason, Evelyn and I a few quiet hours together to rest and enjoy being together with no nurses or doctors.

Two of my favorite people
We also had the opportunity to introduce Noah to his newest antagonist.

"Are you serious?  Another one?"
Before dinner, Grandma, Granddad, Miles and Vivienne came to visit again.  Vivienne kindly offered her backup "Bea" (piggie) to her little sister.  After dinner and baths, the kids went back to my parents house, which was great.  Not only did we not have to worry about the baby waking up the big kids, but we also got a few extra hours of sleep in the morning when Miles and Viv would usually be awake.

Evelyn also found her thumb for the first time that day and started sucking it.  Not bad for one day old! We have only seen her do this a couple times since then, though.  Miles and Vivienne both suck their thumbs when they are tired, so it wouldn't surprise me if we have another thumb sucker on our hands.  I think it's adorable.

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  1. Love the same hat pics. She is adorable. It really is hard to believe you were only gone 36 hrs...hope you're getting good rest here and there.