Monday, July 9, 2012

Vivienne Peed in the Potty!!!

I was completely shocked today by Vivienne.  I bought the kids a little portable plastic potty months ago, because it was on clearance for $5 at Walmart.  It has been sitting in the floor of the downstairs bathroom for quite a while.  Every now and then, they would pull it out into the family room to play with it, but I really never taught them much about it or told them how to use it or anything like that.  Besides calling it a "potty," I'm surprised they even know what its purpose really is.

Well, today, I was reading a book to Miles in the floor.  Vivienne went into the bathroom and brought her potty out.  She either said "pee pee" or pulled on her diaper or something.  Anyway, somehow she clearly indicated to me that she wanted to use it.  I took off her cloth diaper and sat her down, and she immediately peed!  What the heck?!?  I was totally shocked.  Of course, I praised her immensely and put her diaper back on.  While I was doing that, Miles tried to sit on the potty himself and actually put his bare foot down in the middle of it (right in the middle of the little pee puddle).  Classic.

So now we need to teach them that the potty stays in the bathroom.  I have no intentions of actually trying any real potty training until well after their little sister is born, but I'm delighted that Vivienne seems to be interested in actually using her little potty.  Something tells me that her brother is going to be a bit more difficult.  We shall see.

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