Thursday, July 5, 2012

More [insert noun here]!

Lately, I have noticed that Miles and Vivienne frequently request "more" of things that we cannot give them more of on command.  For example, when we are out on our walks on the trail, they will see a rabbit or a deer and look at me and sign and say "More!"  I have a hard time explaining why I can't just conjure up another live creature.  Luckily, the rabbits are quite a frequent siting (usually 5-6 per walk), so I can almost always guarantee more if we keep our eyes open.

When we are at the pool, we usually see quite a few airplanes fly overhead.  We live about 10 miles from the airport (I LOVE our commute to the airport compared to our old LAX commute), and planes are a frequent siting.  Each time, Miles will look at me after it flies by and say "More!"  He has also done this with helicopters.

Yesterday, there was a strong storm brewing while we were letting the kids run around Lowe's Hardware.  We were in the plant section, and the kids got their first dose of lightning.  They looked surprised by it at first, but when Daddy told them what it was, Vivienne kept saying, "More thunder!  More!  More thunder!"  Today, we had a bit more thunder, and she gave a repeat performance.  I tried to explain to her that God makes thunder and we have to wait on Him to give us more.  Something tells me that went over her head.

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