Monday, July 9, 2012

Learning from Elmo

I feel like our kids don't watch a whole heck of a lot of television, but I'm sure that they watch more than some kids.  After breakfast, I sit in the recliner, and they both sit with me (Vivienne always on the left and Miles always on the right).  We usually watch one section of Elmo and a Thomas the Train (which they call "Toot!  Toot!").  Then, after their afternoon naps, we will often watch one more episode of Elmo.  This probably totals a little over an hour of TV each day.

The good news is that they finally clearly learned something from watching Elmo.  Elmo taught my children how to jump!  Crazy, I know.  They had an episode that was about jumping (as Elmo would say, "You know... jumping!").  Before I knew it, Miles was up off of my lap and he was making little jumps.  It is incredibly adorable to watch him and Vivienne trying to jump.  Most of their "jumps" are really just deep knee bends, but they occasionally get an inch of air in between their feet and the ground.

I guess all that Elmo has finally paid off!

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