Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Magical First Week

We have truly enjoyed these magical first few days with our sweet little Evelyn Rose.  So far, Evie has been a very relaxed, content baby.  She very rarely cries, and seems to have a very calm demeanor.  Over the past few days, she has spent more time awake - a few hours at a time here and there.  She loves to be held, but she will also sit in her bouncy seat without crying, just enjoying taking in this new world around her.

On Tuesday, my parents spent the afternoon here.  For Vivienne's birthday, they gave her a sweet little crib for her baby dolls.  Miles and Vivienne both really enjoyed helping Granddad assemble it.  This was the first time that they had really played with tools before.  Jason and I also got out the tool bench that we got Miles for his birthday.  The kids had a blast "helping" and playing with their new tools.

Safety First

And let's not forget the safety helmet.

Loving her new doll crib - complete with a working mobile.
Evelyn supervised the work from Grandma's warm shoulder.

Later in the afternoon, we took the kids out in the yard to play in the sprinkler and enjoy some popsicles.  Evie seemed to enjoy the fresh air, though she did look a little bored.

That evening, we put Evelyn down for her first tummy time.  To my surprise, she didn't put up a fight at all.  She laid there for quite a while and never fussed at all.

Evelyn also made her first feline friend that night.  She enjoyed replicating Noah's relaxation poses.

"Is she copying me?"

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  1. Aww, sweet family. Looks like everything is going smoothly. I hope you're getting some good recovery time and the kids are being sweet to you :)