Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Evelyn Rose!

Wow - so much to say!  The last two days have been a whirlwind.  In the last 36 hours, we went to the hospital, had our third child and are now back home.  Evelyn Rose Fox was born on July 21st at 9:55 am.  She weighs 8 lb 5 oz and is 20.75 in long.  Her head circumference was 13.5 cm.  She is a beautiful baby with a head full of thick, dark hair.  She loves to nurse and sleep, like most babies do.

Evelyn was born via natural childbirth with no epidural, and it was one of the most amazing, intense, incredible experiences of my life, along with the birth of her brother and sister.  A more detailed story is to come.  Jason and I are so grateful for sharing our lives with these three precious little people.  God is good.


  1. So glad it went well and everyone is healthy. Can't wait to get to know little Evelyn Rose. (beautiful name)

  2. Yay! Just checked the blog hoping there were updates and birth stories etc, and there are!