Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Museum of Natural Science

Mom, Jason and I took all the kids to the Museum of Natural Science in Downtown.  It's a great museum for the kids - lots of exhibits to look at.  They particularly enjoyed the fish (Miles calls them "shee!"), turtles, snakes and bugs.  Their favorite part of the museum must have been the elevators and escalators, though.  It's funny how kids are drawn to things that seem so common and simple to us. They find magic in everything.

Vivienne and the Centipede
We got to watch them feed the centipede, which was fascinating.  That centipede jumped on the cricket like a snake.  I would never have known that such a slow-looking animal could move so quickly!

We checked out the newest section of the museum, the Nature Research Center, which opened just a couple of months ago.  Most of those exhibits were geared toward older kids, though.  We'll have to try that area later when they are a bit older.

Walking with Grandma
Evelyn enjoyed the museum in her usual style:

It was a fun day with Grandma.  The big kids really enjoyed themselves, and we're looking forward to taking them back again sometime soon.

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  1. Isn't it amazing how quickly you get out of the house the second time around? I kept on thinking, why did I think this was so hard the first time?