Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy 3 Weeks!

Evelyn is 3 weeks old today.  She has already changed so much.  It's clear that she can focus on things a few feet away.  She enjoys looking at our faces and watching the arch on her bouncy seat.  She still nurses very well, and seems to be gaining weight quickly, having already outgrown her newborn clothes and diapers.

Evie is still a very calm baby.  She still sleeps a lot of the day, and most of her awake time is happy and content.  In the evenings (usually starting around 7), she gets a bit fussy and has a harder time getting herself to go to sleep.  But once we get her to sleep, we usually don't have much trouble keeping her down.

She has mostly slept in her co-sleeper or bassinet.  But a couple times this week, I have pulled her into bed with me for one of the sleeping stints (mainly because it's easier than spending an hour or more rocking her and repeatedly trying to get her down on her own).  Evelyn feels the most secure when she is in bed with us and she seems to sleep very well with Mommy's arm around her.  Unfortunately, it's not the best sleep for me because I don't feel like I can roll over or move much with her right beside me.  The long term goal is to have her sleep on her own, but I'm trying to relish these snuggles while I can.

It looks to us like Evie will have brown eyes.  Miles and Vivienne's eyes looked fairly blue even this early on, but Evelyn's eyes appear to be brown with no signs of blue.  I guess this should not be surprising, considering that neither Jason nor I nor any of Evie's grandparents have blue eyes.  (How in the world Miles and Vivienne ended up with blue eyes, I will never know.)

Miles and Vivienne seem to be adjusting to their baby sister very well.  We have seen very few signs of jealousy so far.  It will be interesting to see if that changes on Monday when Jason goes back to work.  I definitely have some anxiety about juggling the kids on my own, but I have to say that it is an enormous relief to have my mom so close to us and so willing to help me with the kids.  Having Grandma and Granddad nearby has been an absolute lifesaver.

I can't believe my baby girl is almost a month old.  The time is already flying by.  Happy 3 week birthday, sweet biscuit!

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