Thursday, August 30, 2012

Parenting Initiation

I feel like I have graduated to another level of parenting.  This morning, Vivienne held up her arms and gave me those big doe eyes and said,"Up!  Up!"  I picked her up, and then she said something that we couldn't decipher.  It sounded something like "bubba you" (like the letter "w" but starting with a b?).  What?  What is she saying?  What, Vivienne?

And then it happened.  She puked all over me.  I mean all over herself and my shirt and my shorts and my leg and the carpet.

Now I'm a real mom.


  1. How have you been so lucky to escape this for two years?? Claire has nailed me several times, and it is so gross. You're caught between feeling sorry for them and thinking "oh wow, those are nasty chunks to clean up."