Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Great Escape

Last week, Miles and Vivienne learned to climb out of the pack n plays at my mom's house.  We were there again today for naps, and Vivienne repeated her feat, except this time she actually got onto the floor and started playing (instead of somersaulting into Miles' pack n play).  Because I couldn't keep her in the bed there, I decided to bring them home to nap.

I put both kids down for their nap up in their cribs and shut the door.  I heard them playing and talking together, which is not unusual.  After a few minutes, I heard Vivienne calling out for help.  I went up to their room, opened the door and saw her hanging onto the outside of her crib, asking me to help her down.  It's kind of funny that she can climb over the railing of her crib, but she can't make that last 1-foot step onto the ground.

So I think we'll be switching them out of cribs soon.  I have a friend whose son broke his arm in his first attempt to escape his crib, and I would hate to have something like that happen with Miles or Vivienne.

At least I have a new little one in a crib now - helps Mommy from feeling like all her babies are growing up too quickly.

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  1. Target sells great toddler bedding sets, top and bottom sheets, pillow case and a comforter all for $30. I got Adria two and switch them out when one gets dirty.