Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Will Survive

Well, tomorrow is Friday.  I have made it through nearly an entire week solo with the kids.  Of course, my mom has been here a lot to help with them, which makes an enormous difference.  Thanks, Mom, for all of your help!

Mom was here Monday morning to help me, and then Monday after naps we went to her house.  So that day was a breeze.  Tuesday was my first day entirely on my own, and it went fairly well.  It was the first time that I have packed up all three kids and put them in the car to take them somewhere by myself.  We went to my mommy group at church, and everything went very well.  During the afternoon naps, I swaddled Evelyn and she sat in her bouncy seat quietly for about 15 minutes before dozing off on her own.  "This is going to be a piece of CAKE," I thought.

Then reality set in.  Yesterday was a little bit hairier.  Miles and Vivienne were both in a very delicate state for most of the day - crying at the drop of a hat and just generally being very fussy.  Luckily, Mom and my friend, Lindsay, were here for part of the morning and that helped to keep the kids preoccupied and alleviate some of the stress.  During naps, I couldn't get Evie to go to sleep, so I didn't get a nap myself.

Today was really good.  I took the kids to a playground this morning and met up with a few friends.  When we left, Evelyn and Vivienne were crying, but my friends were very quick to help the kids put their shoes back on and dry some tears and help me pull us together for the short trek home.  (Thanks, Rachel, Mary and Julia!) 

Then Mom and my sweet friend, Beth, were here from about 11 to 1, which was a great distraction for me and the kids before their nap.  After they left, Miles and Vivienne took a THREE hour nap (glorious!) and Evelyn and I slept for about 2.5 hours of it (heavenly!).  That was the longest nap that I have had in months probably.  It was amazing.  I feel like a new woman.

So this week certainly had its ups and downs, but I know I will survive being a mom of three kids under three.


  1. I am pretty sure you were the only one that was worried about your survival, the rest of us know you are super mom.

  2. You are doing great! A whole week down already.I have those moments of thinking "I can do this, I'm not going to need a nanny!" And then two little ones are screaming over toys, putting shoes on walls, turning milk upside down, and I am confined to the couch double-nursing babies! I'm glad you have some awesome help and I know it will get easier.