Friday, August 3, 2012

Evelyn's 2-Week Checkup

We took Evie for her 2-week pediatrician's appointment today.  She is growing very well.  Here are her stats:

  • Height:  21 inches (88%)
  • Weight:  8 lbs 14.6 oz (77%)
  • Head Circumference:  14.1 cm (74%)
Evelyn just seems huge to us compared to her brother and sister.  Miles and Vivienne's weights were only in the 7th and 13th percentile (respectively) at their 2-week appointment, so Evie is quite a contrast.

The pediatrician put a little silver nitrate on Evie's umbilical cord stump, because it was just on the verge of falling off.  She said that everything looks really great, and we have no concerns about her.  She is nursing like a champ and sleeping very well (waking up only twice a night and now sleeping the entire night in the co-sleeper), so we certainly have no complaints!  

The doctor also noted that Evelyn is a very strong baby.  Jason and I (and Grandma) have been thinking that she was very strong, but we weren't sure whether this was because our only reference point was from Miles and Vivienne, who were much smaller and born a little earlier.  But the pediatrician said that she could see Evie holding her head up, very steady (not flopping to the side).  She has very good muscle control for a 2-week-old.  We'll have to get her started working on her flip turns and dolphin kicks next week in the pool.

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  1. Wow, she is definitely a champ! It must be so different to compare her to twins at the same age. I'm happy for you that she is nursing and sleeping so well, that's great.