Monday, August 6, 2012

Museum of Life + Science

We took all the kids to the Museum of Life + Science in Durham.  This was the first time that Daddy was able to ride the train with us.  The kids loved the train ride, as always.  Evelyn was awake the entire time and seemed to enjoy watching the light come through the trees.  Vivienne rode beside me and pointed out all the sights to me.  Miles rode in front with his daddy.

Of course, we checked out the butterfly house.  We also saw the new area called Into the Mist.  It's a play area with lots of mist jets.  It gets so misty that the kids could hide in the "smoke" clouds.  They enjoyed running through it with Daddy as I waited on the path with little Evie.

After that, Jason took the big kids to visit the farm animals while I took Evelyn inside to cool off a bit.  Then we ate our picnic lunch at the outside fort and packed up to head home.

We have truly enjoyed this time with Jason before he heads back to work next week.  These are the types of things that Daddy often misses, because the museums are so crowded on the weekends that it's not worth the trip.  It's too bad that we're not independently wealthy so that he could spend every weekday with us.

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