Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Yesterday, I went for my first postpartum run.  I went 3 miles at a pace of about 10:30 per mile.  I felt really slow, and my muscles hurt a lot during and after.  I could also tell that I have lost some cardiovascular strength.  Last night, Evelyn woke me up three times (ugh! - but one of them was 6 am, so maybe I shouldn't count that?), and every time I got out of bed I nearly fell over because my legs were sore.  I dragged myself down the hall like a little old lady - all bent over and mumbling to myself.

I was kind of depressed by how slow and difficult my run was, until I looked back at the blog and realized that after the twins were born I didn't run again until November.  November???  That's almost 4 months.  Good grief.  I'm glad that I'm not waiting that long again this time.  And my pace at that point was about 11 minute miles.  Wow.  Ok, I guess yesterday wasn't that bad.

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  1. Cut yourself plenty of slack. And November after two babies and all of that sleep deprivation isn't bad. You're doing awesoe!