Friday, August 3, 2012

Owange Poopy!!!

Vivienne's favorite new phrase is "owange poopy."  She frequently tells us all about how Evie has "owange poopy."  We can even be out at a playground and she will say,"Baby owange poopy!"  Vivienne is clearly very intrigued by her sister's poopy.

\Viv is also an incredible little mommy's helper.  She loves to help me change Evelyn's diapers.  I will lay the baby on the floor, and Vivi will go get a clean diaper and an alcohol wipe for me.  After I take off the dirty diaper (and Viv declares that it is indeed "owange poopy!!"), she will hand me a clean wipe.  She loves to throw away the dirty diaper when we're all finished.  It's very sweet.  A few times, she has tried to get me to change her diaper again immediately after I just did it - even with the baby still lying on the floor.  I have to assure her that the excitement will happen again probably in another hour or so and Mommy will definitely need her help.  (Evelyn literally poops at least 10 times a day.)


  1. Austin pooped that much in the beginning, it slows down around month 4 or 5. Although I did not mind all the poop at all after dealing with Adria's constipation.

  2. That's really cute. Especially wanting you to perform the magic all over again :) Or maybe it's Evie's magic she wants to see again.