Thursday, February 3, 2011

Baths with Grandma and Vivienne Rolls!!

Grandma (Leslie's mom) came into town today to visit the grandbabies.  They are really enjoying playing with her and showing her all their new tricks.  Mommy is really enjoying an extra set of hands around the house.  =)

Grandma gave them each a nice, relaxing bath tonight before bedtime.  We have squeaky clean and very happy babies.

On a side note, Vivienne rolled from her stomach to her back for the FIRST TIME tonight!!  Miles did this 3 months ago.  It was so fun to finally see her learn to flip herself over.  Go, Vivienne!

We love Grandma!

Enjoying the spa treatment.  (And apparently thinking "Oh... my... gosh...")

Vivienne looks cute in her pink diaper cover.  Congratulations on your first roll, big girl!

Definitely my favorite picture of the night.  I'm in love with this baby.  =)


  1. Congratulations Vivienne on rolling over! That is exciting news!
    And is there much cuter than a baby getting a bath? I think not...

  2. Grandmas just LOVE giving for me!