Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hair Bows & Homemade Green Beans

Today, I made homemade green beans for Miles and Vivienne.  I bought some bags of frozen green beans from Aldi.  I boiled them and pureed them in our food processor.  It was really easy, and I have enough green bean ice cubes to last us a month!  Vivienne really enjoyed them.  Miles was already cranky, so he only ate about half of his portion.

Check out the difference in color between these Gerber green beans (I keep them for backups and travel) and my homemade green beans.  Which would you rather eat?

Gerber versus Homemade

Vivienne finally has enough hair to put little hair bows in.  I bought some really cute little bows from the Sugar-n-Spice Boutique on Etsy.  They came in the mail today, and they are so adorable.  I put one in Vivienne's hair immediately.  Just when I thought she couldn't look any cuter...

I like my new bows and my green beans.

I'm cute even when I'm not trying to be.

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  1. SO cute! How do the bows attach? I wasn't quite sure from the etsy page. I made peas yesterday, and thought the same thing about the food - these looked way better and brighter than packaged food!