Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grandma Visits and More Fun with Peas

Grandma (Leslie's mom) is here to visit for the weekend.  The babies have really enjoyed all the extra attention and cuddles from Grandma.

Jason got up at 5 am to run a half marathon this morning.  He got third place overall with a time of 1:23:31.  He was back home in time to feed the babies their lunch.  This was his first opportunity to see Miles really chow down (remember that last weekend, Miles was still fairly averse to this "solid food" business).  Daddy fed Vivienne and Grandma fed Miles.  They were jokingly racing to see which baby would finish their peas first.

Tonight, Jason and I went out on a much needed date night while Grandma babysat for us.  It's so nice that the babies go to bed around 6:30 with very little effort.  Months ago, I would never have believed that their bedtime would become so easy.  I nursed the babies around 6:30, we put them to bed, and then we went out.

Date Night!
We went to Chef's Pallette in Cary.  It was fabulous!  The ambiance was excellent.  We had no wait at all.  The food and the service were outstanding.  I would highly recommend it for a nice dinner.  (Oh, and I had a really hot date, which always helps.)  =)

Jason and I had a wonderful conversation about the values and habits that we would like to uphold for our family.  This conversation was inspired by some podcasts that our church released for parents to listen to before the baby dedication (we're dedicating Miles and Vivienne in late February).  It was just a wonderful evening together. 

Thanks, Grandma, for babysitting and allowing us to escape together for an evening!


  1. Date night for you guys and Grandma getting to gaze at her precious sleeping grandchildren? Sounds like a win-win!
    And the pea eating footage is darling!

  2. They are doing great with the food! I hope we get to those days soon. Claire does okay, but still isn't quite as excited. Congrats to Jason on an amazing run, and yay for date nights!!