Sunday, February 6, 2011

Razzing, Face Exploration and Starting to Sit Up

The babies are starting to do more new things each day.  As I mentioned previously, Vivienne has now proven that she can roll over (hoorah!!).  Miles has been making razzing sounds for the past couple weeks, and Vivienne has really picked up on it this week.  It's really cute to watch them do that. 

One of Vivienne's new favorite things is to explore our faces with her hands when we hold her.  She'll look right into your face (from about 2 inches away) and start feeling all over it with her hands, pulling on our lips and noses, pulling our hair.  She just smiles ear to ear and explores our facial features.  It's really sweet, though sometimes she can get overly excited and actually hurt us a little bit.

Miles and Vivienne are just starting to sit up.  Miles was sitting up very well on our bed last night just before his bath.  His core muscles are clearly getting stronger, because he can sit up from the beginner "tripod" position for a few seconds before falling over.  Vivienne still really only does the "tripod" position, but she's getting stronger every day, too.  Both babies will "stand" and support all of their weight on their legs if we hold their wastes to balance them.  They can only do this for a short time before their little legs get tired, though.


  1. So fun! It's cute how our little ones are almost on the same path at the same time. Claire loves to grab our faces, and she's got the same issue - some of those "touches" turn into pinches and hurt! I have to keep those fingernails trimmed all the time.

  2. I was wondering when they would start sitting. I had a hard time motivating Adria to sit (she would just dive to the floor whenever I got her in a sitting position). I ended up getting this tree toy that was 10" tall that I could position inbetween her legs while sitting. That way she could play while sitting and even hold onto something when she got tired.