Friday, February 25, 2011

Cat Fascination

Miles and Vivienne are at the age where they are fascinated with our cats.  Whenever the cats walk by, the babies cannot take their eyes off of them.  They are simply enamored by our kitties.  When the cats get close enough (which is not often, now that they have realized that the babies are after them), the babies reach out and grab a handful of fur and squeal in delight.

Hopefully, eventually these four (Miles, Vivienne, Noah and Chloe) will become fast friends, but I foresee a rough couple of years for our poor kitty cats.

1 comment:

  1. So cute! Poor Noah & Chloe - just wait till those babies are mobile and able to chase them! Hudson has been "petting" our little Emily too. She's the only one of our three that's interested in the baby and for now she sits by him and "protects" him, but now that he's grabbing at her fur and closing his fist, I think those days as friends are numbered. Our pets have had their whole world changed too! =)