Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sub-11-Minute Miles *Sigh...*

With my mom here this past weekend, I was able to run a little bit more without the stroller.  I love running with my babies, but it is also nice to see what I can do without pushing over 65 pounds of stroller and baby.  (The BOB Duallie weighs 34 pounds.  Miles is over 17 pounds and Vivienne is over 15.  So that totals at least 66 pounds.  However, the BOB is very well designed and makes this load a lot easier than it sounds.)

On January 30th, I ran 3 miles in our neighborhood (without babies) at a 9:13 pace.  This past Sunday, while my mom babysat the twins, I ran 4 miles at 9:05 pace.  At least I feel like I still have a little power in these legs (though my time is nothing compared to real runners like my husband).  I'm glad that I don't have to pull out the walker just yet!

This past Wednesday, I ran with the babies and stroller - 3.5 miles at 10:54 pace.  This was my first run with the stroller where I was under 11 minute miles.  Go, Mommy!  Then, yesterday, I ran 4 miles with them at 10:46 pace.

I am certainly no marathon runner, but it feels so good to be able to enjoy the fresh air and get my legs pumping.  Every time I run, I feel like I'm getting a little bit stronger and faster.  I think doing these types of activities - things I did before I had the babies like walking, running, getting outdoors - are so important for keeping up my confidence and recharging myself.  My babies will have a healthy mommy, and I hope that someday I will run alongside my babies when they're on their bikes with their little helmets. 

Yesterday, I was thinking how nice it would be if they could give me a "Go, Mommy!!" when I'm huffing and puffing my way up that last steep hill before I return home.  Right now, they just say "Ga!" or "Mmmmm!" or they spit up while I'm dragging the three of us up that hill.  Someday, I'll hear a "Go, Mommy!  Go!"


  1. Don't hold your breath on the 'Go Mommy'. It's a lot harder to get them to stay in the stroller as they get older. 30 minutes is about the max with Adria now and you have to be moving pretty fast to keep her entertained with lots of snacks. Mostly we hear 'want out' and 'goldfish please'. You might be getting 'Mommy Miles is touching me', hehe.

  2. Well, at least Jason will cheer, "Go Mommy, Go!" =)

  3. Have the kids started lifting their arms as a sign that they want you to pick them up? The day Adria did that was one of my happiest moments as a mom. I am sure the babies already have their ways of cheering you on.