Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 7 Months!!

Happy 7 months, my sweet Miles and Vivienne!!

Today, Miles and Vivienne are 7 months old.  They are such sweet, happy babies.  They are both starting to sit up a lot now.  Miles has gotten very steady at sitting up, but Vivienne is still working on her core strength.  They both roll over easily and enjoy sitting in the exersaucer and jumperoo.

They still razz all the time, which is really, really cute.  They love to grab their feet, especially when we're changing their diapers.  Both of them are starting to squeal, screech, scream and laugh louder every day - I love it!

So far, they have eaten homemade sweet peas, sweet potatoes and green beans.  We also tried oatmeal once, but Vivienne got a rash. (I still think it was the lotion I used on her and not the oatmeal, though.)  We'll probably try applesauce this weekend. 

Miles is starting to wear some 9-month clothing because his arms and legs are so long.  Vivienne is still fitting into the 6-month clothes with some room to grow.

Miles and Viv are both sleeping very well.  They go to bed at 6:30 without any fussing.  Miles always wants to eat some time between 3 and 5 am, and then they sleep until around 7 in the morning.  It's absolutely wonderful to get a full night's sleep.  I'm certainly not going to complain about having to wake up once a night to feed them.  A couple times, we have let Vivienne skip the early morning feeding (the one Miles wakes up for) and sleep through until the morning.  She can sleep 13-14 hours without eating.  Oh, if only her big brother could do that!

We get out every single day now - going on walks and runs, running errands, meeting up with other mommies and babies or going to La Leche League meetings.  It's fun to get them out of the house, and I think that they really enjoy a change of scenery.

The weather this past week has been perfect - highs in the 60s and 70s.  Today, it's supposed to be around 75 degrees.  I've been running every day for the past couple of weeks.  It feels so great to get my legs moving, and I think the babies like going for the ride in the BOB. 

Happy 7 months to my sweet, beautiful babies!  We love you so much!

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