Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diaper FAIL

Something very... um... interesting... happened today.

I was changing Vivienne's diaper before putting her down for a nap.  It gets pretty warm upstairs in our house during the day, so I decided to let her nap in just her shirt and her diaper.  I remember thinking, "Hmmm... the velcro on this diaper cover doesn't seem to be gripping as well as it used to.  Oh, well."  (In retrospect, I should have paid more attention to the little voice in my head.  Always listen to the little voice, Leslie.)

I put my sweet baby in her crib and went downstairs to feed Miles.  While I was feeding him, I could hear Vivienne cooing up in the nursery.  After about 30 minutes, I decided to go check on her.

I peaked through the crack in the doorway.  To my horror, I saw the "business end" of my baby girl covered in poo.  Her feet were in the air and she was showing me her full glory - absolutely covered in poop.  While I was feeding her brother, she somehow managed to take off her diaper and poop all over herself and her crib.

At this point, it's important to remember that we are finally doing solid foods, so this was not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill, innocuous, odorless breast milk poop... this was real poop, and lots of it.  Needless to say, the odor in the nursery was less than pleasant.

I immediately tried to assess the situation.  Is there some optimal way to solve this problem?  Ok.  Vivienne is sitting in a pile of poop.  It's going all the way up her back.  Clearly, I must get this shirt off of her and get her cleaned up.  I don't want to get poop all over the place, so I should probably clean her up in the crib.

As I took Vivienne's shirt off, I realized that the poop was all over her legs and feet and halfway up her body.  It almost looked as if someone had literally just dipped my beautiful girl's bottom half in poo.  Nice.  So I got the box of wipes and started giving her a "wipe bath" with them (all the time wishing I could just use a pressure washer instead).  As I was doing this, of course, she decided to pee.  I thought,"Well, why not?  Go ahead, sweetie.  You might as well just add some urine to the poop party here."

I finally got her cleaned up enough to move her over to the changing table.  Then I took the crib sheet into our bathroom to spray most of the poop into the toilet instead of putting it in our washer.  (Thank God that we installed that sprayer last week!! Seriously!!)

After I cleaned her up, I just let her hang out in her diaper to eat her sweet potatoes.  I figured I might as well wait to put clothes on her so that we only go through three outfits today instead of four. 

This is the most poop I've had to deal with so far.  But something tells me that I will have other larger poop "episodes" in my future...


  1. I personally believe it must have been a set up. Somehow. Cause that sweet baby girl just couldn't be capable of something so yucky...

  2. Oh, yuck, not fun! I have noticed with our covers, too, that the velcro under the attack of little fingers is not that tight. A few times I've thought, hmm, I'm glad they can't access that diaper. Oh boy, I'm going to have to really watch out as we get to warmer weather. And yes, those poops are getting baaaaddd.

  3. Wow, I have never had a poop episode that bad, that might actually be as bad as it gets. The poop actually gets a little easier to deal with as they eat more solids.