Friday, July 2, 2010

34.5 Weeks - OB Appointment

I woke up around 6:30 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, because I knew we were going to the doctor for a 9 am appointment.  Everything went very well.  They did a finger prick to test hemoglobin/iron.  They took my blood pressure.  It's been a steady 118/80 from their readings in the office.  (I often get lower readings at home.)  The doctor listened to the babies' heartbeats, and they still sound strong and steady.

He also did an ultrasound to see how the babies look.  He wants to keep an eye on them since the little guy is only at the 16.7th percentile.  He did two tests:  1) looked at their amniotic fluid levels and 2) some sort of examination of their abdominal flexion or movement.  Both of them have good amounts of fluid and they both rated 8 out of 8 on the flexion/movement test (whatever that means, it's good).

Both babies are still head down.  Our son's legs are all the way up my chest cavity in front of my ribs.  Our daughters legs are more pointed toward our son.  That's why I feel him kicking way more than I feel her kicking.  I can still feel her move, though.  Our son is still Baby A (a designation that they give to the twin who is closest to the cervix and likely to be born first).

Dr. V congratulated us on getting past 34 weeks, which is great.  If our babies were born this week, they would still be considered premature.  We're in a "gray zone" where they would probably try to stop labor.  After next Wednesday, they would consider letting us deliver the babies if I go into labor (especially if the "easy" ways of delaying labor were not effective). 

After we got home from the doctor, I could feel both babies moving a lot.  Our son kicks like crazy (he's doing it right now).  Our little girl was also moving around a bit, though her kicks aren't quite as jarring as his are.  He also got hiccups again this afternoon.  It's really cute.  =)

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