Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Poppage

We're at 36 weeks and my belly button still has not popped.  I believe that my friend, Amanda, was right when she guessed that my belly button wouldn't pop.  Considering all the other deformities that I have going now (swollen feet, cankles, swollen hands, carpal tunnel syndrome) and the stares and questions I get from the general public, I have to say that I'm kind of relieved that my belly button is still pointed in the right direction.  =)


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh....POP-age. I read that *totally* wrong. :)

  2. We must have the same type of bellybutton, I call it the black hole bellybutton. I personally think they are the best kind. Bellybuttons must not be genetic cause Drew has a black hole one too and Adria has an outie.

    Soon you will be waiting for two little stumps to fall off and bellybuttons to form. Which reminds me, go to the drugstore and get a pack (or in your case two) of the prepackaged rubbing alcohol wipes. They are much easier than cotton balls and a bottle of rubbing alcohol, especially while out of the house on one of those many doctors appointments in the first few weeks. The stumps will fall off before you finish the box (or two).