Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First Night at Home

Tuesday morning the docs gave Miles the all-clear to go home with us (and Vivienne as well of course).  After a busy morning adhering to all the final checkout details (we will not miss staff entering our hospital room all the time), we had a relaxing afternoon with Grandpa and Grandma Smith.  Around 5 PM, we left the hospital and headed home.

Vivienne did not like being put in the car seat

Miles chillin' in his new ride

Finally at home

It was GREAT to be in our own home and our own room and our own bed.

We quickly setup the babies with a dual breastfeeding session (sorry, we're not sharing those pictures) and greased the wheels of both the upstairs and downstairs changing stations.  Overall it was a fairly smooth night and we even managed to get a couple blocks of 90 - 120 minutes of sleep.  Of course, this was only possible because of all the wonderful planning and preparation by my beautiful, amazingly strong and loving wife.  She has made the entire transition from womb to home a stunning success.  I love you baby ... and babies.


  1. They look so tiny in those carriers! Absolutely precious!!!

  2. I'm so glad everything has gone so smoothly for you! They are absolutely beautiful babies...and so tiny and cute! :)